IAR - go to definition does not work


I have downloaded the LPC4350-DB1 software examples package from http://www.lpc4350.com/projects/lpc-4350/wiki/Software_Examples. When I try to navigate SystemInit() using the go to definition in IAR context menu, nothing happens. Do I need to specify something in IAR to have the possibility to browse the source code?

Try to build project first. When "clean" project is loaded, the "goto definition ..." right-mouse-click menu is grayed out. But after building a project it becomes active.

I tried to build the project. "goto definition..." link is enabled, but when I click it nothing happens. I still in the same file on the same line. I am sure the function exists, I can found its definition through "find in files". What example do you use? I tried this at ButtonsLedsSimple.

It seems this is a problem with new IAR version. I have two computers, one with version 6.30.4, another with version 6.40.2. Goto definition works fine in 6.30.4 and doesn't work at 6.40.2.

I'm using IAR Kickstart 6.30.4 and "goto ..." works in any project after building it.